Program Fast Track Bachelor to Master's Transition at the Faculty of Geography Universitas Gadjah Mada

Welcome to the Fast Track Program! An accelerated study opportunities for undergraduate (S1) students to directly pursue a master's degree (S2) with specific requirements determined by the study program. Within just 5 years, students can complete both undergraduate and master's programs simultaneously. The Fast Track Program is designed to facilitate undergraduate students who have high academic ability, motivation to take further study, engagement in research and publication, and a strong commitment to complete the studies on time. Undergraduate students in their seventh or eighth semester who are currently conducting research for their final project (skripsi) can participate in overlapping learning with the master's program. To ensure the success of the program, the applicants are selected with a rigorous selection process by the selection team and their study progress is closely monitored. The research topics of students must be aligned between their bachelor’s thesis and master's thesis, with the same or related field supervisor. This program is designed for magister by research program, and students are targeted to complete their master's degree within three semesters. The program is open to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Geography at UGM who meet the criteria to enroll in all master's programs offered by the Faculty of Geography UGM.


  1. Facilitate the undergraduate students who excel in academic and in English language proficiency, and have high motivation to take a Master Program.
  2. Increase the number of outstanding students in Master Program.
  3. Enhance research and scientific publications motivation.


  1. Completion of two academic degrees; Bachelor’s (S.Si) and Master’s (M.Sc.) within 5 years.
  2. Open to all undergraduate programs in Faculty of Geography UGM.
  3. Alignment of bachelor’s thesis (skripsi) research with master's thesis research, with intensive supervision by thesis advisors, facilitating a seamless transition.
  4. High Chance for publication in reputable international journals and seminars.


  1. The Fast Track students must complete their Bachelor Program (yudisium) by the 8th semester at the latest.
  2. The Fast Track students must complete their Master Program by the 3rd semester at the latest.
  3. There will be an overlapping between the Bachelor and Master Program in the 8th semester of the Bachelor Degree (1 year).
  4. The Fast Track student pursued the Master Program by research.
  5. The Fast Track students will receive two degrees: Bachelor’s and Master’s.
  6. The Fast Track Program started at the 7th Semester, with adjustment to the implementation timeline.
  7. The Fast Track program can be combined with a double degree program, with adjustments to the implementation timeline.

General implementation scheme of the Fast Track Program:

Course Enrollment Scenario:

Semester sarjana Semester magister Mata kuliah sarjana (min 144 sks) Mata kuliah Magister by Research (36-40 sks)
7 Pendaftaran Program Fast Track
8 1 Skripsi (6 sks) (yudisium) 6-8 sks (4-6 sks matkul wajib dan pilihan, 2 sks wajib KKL), ujian proposal
2 Riset tesis, publikasi*
3 Riset tesis, publikasi*, (yudisium)

*Regarding Peraturan Rektor UGM Number 18, 2019, the requirements for publication in the Master's by Research program are as follows: acceptance of one article in a reputable international journal or two articles in reputable international proceedings, which may include review articles with the thesis advisor as the corresponding author.

Study Program

The choice of the undergraduate study program and what master study program that the students will take is open to the students of Faculty of Geography UGM. Students from the undergraduate program could take the master program that is offered by the faculty (table below). Students are suggested to consult with the lecturer/supervisor and the head of the undergraduate study program to choose the pursued master’s program..

Asal Program Studi Sarjana Tujuan Program Studi Magister
1.      Geografi Lingkungan
2.      Kartografi dan Penginderaan Jauh
3.      Pembangunan Wilayah
1.      Penginderaan Jauh
2.      Geografi
        - Konsentrasi Geografi Fisik dan Geografi Manusia
        - Minat Studi Perencanaan Pengelolaan Pesisir dan Daerah Aliran Sungai
        - Minat Studi Pembangunan Wilayah

Registration Requirements

  1. An undergraduate student that recorded as an active student in 6th or 7th semester.
  2. Have a GPA of 3,25 or higher at the time of application.
  3. Reach a minimum of 100 credits in the first five semester.
  4. English proficiency: minimum scores of ITP-PBT TOEFL 450, iBT TOEFL 45, IELTS 5.0, Duolingo 75, AcEPT UGM 209, or provide certificate/proof of student exchange or summer course participation (valid for 2 years).
  5. Have a minimum score of 450 on Academic Potential Test (valid for 2 years)
  6. Statement of commitment from the student to participate in the Fast Track Program.
  7. Statement of commitment from the parent/guardian/financial sponsor.
  8. Statement of commitment from the thesis and master’s thesis supervisors.
  9. Recommendation letter from the Academic Supervisor and Head of the Undergraduate Program, endorsed by the Department Chair.
  10. Research development plan from the undergraduate thesis to the master's thesis.
  11. The thesis research topic must be aligned with the bachelor’s thesis research. The same supervisor is recommended, or from the same Research Group/Area (academic position and educational qualifications of the recommended thesis supervisor should be at least Lecturer - Doctor).

Procedure of the Enrollment:

  1. Announcement of registration.
  2. Students prepare the registration requirements and upload them through the designated portal.
  3. The faculty forwards the registration files of prospective Fast Track Program students to the Master's Program that the applicant is aiming for.
  4. The head of the Master's Program forms an evaluation team for the admission of Fast Track Program students.
  5. The evaluation team verifies the registration files and selects prospective students; interviews may be conducted if necessary (e.g., with students, supervisors, parents).
  6. The head of the Master's Program submits the minutes of the Fast Track Program student selection results to the faculty.
  7. The faculty convenes a plenary meeting for the admission of Fast Track Program students.
  8. The dean issues a Decision Letter for the students accepted into the Fast Track Program according to the plenary meeting's results.
  9. The Decision Letter is sent to the Directorate of Education and Teaching UGM in the internal student admission registration system.

Schematically, the registration and monitoring procedure is as follows:

Study Cost

  1. The duration of study in the Master's Program for the Fast Track Program is 3 (three) semesters.
  2. The single tuition fee (UKT) is set in accordance with the applicable UGM Rector's Decree, with the regular UKT rate, except for scholarship recipients (both internal and external). In this case, it is Rp 13,000,000.00 for regular UKT, and Rp 18,500,000.00 for cooperative UKT.
  3. Students pay the Bachelor's Program UKT in the 1st (first) semester of the Fast Track Program/Master's Program.
  4. Students receive a scholarship for Master's Program UKT payment in the 1st (first) semester of the Fast Track Program from the Faculty.
  5. Students pay the Master's Program UKT in the 2nd (second) and 3rd (third) semesters of the Fast Track Program, either independently or with scholarships/cooperation.

Particular Academic Regulations

  1. Students of the Fast Track Program are required to complete their Bachelor's studies (graduation) by the 8th semester or the 1st semester of the Fast Track Program.
  2. If a student fails to complete their Bachelor's studies as mentioned in point 1, their status as a Fast Track Program student will be revoked, and they must reimburse the scholarship UKT from the Faculty.
  3. Fast Track Program students are not allowed to take academic leave.
  4. Fast Track Program students must serve as assistants (academic or non-academic) during the last 2 semesters of the Fast Track Program according to assignments from the student's home department, provided that it does not hinder the student's academic progress.
  5. If a Fast Track Program student cannot complete the Master's Program within 3 (three) semesters, the student will be transferred to the regular Master's program by research and must reimburse the UKT scholarship in the 1st semester.
  6. If a Fast Track Program student withdraws, the student must reimburse the UKT scholarship in the 1st semester.
  7. If a student is accepted into the Fast Track Program in a chosen master's program or specialization, they cannot transfer to another master's program or specialization.

Schedule of Enrollment

Activities Odd Semester
Stage 1 Stage 2
Registration March May
Selection April June
Announcement April July
Registration July July
Activities Even Semester
Stage 1 Stage 2
Registration October December
Selection November January
Announcement November January
Registration January January

*The detailed schedule follows.

Enrollment and Administration Documents

Program registration documents (Download)

  • Enrollment Form
  • Applicant Declaration Letter
  • Parent/Guardian Declaration Letter
  • Supervisor Declaration Letter
  • Department Recommendation Letter
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis Research Plan

Contact and Information: