Center for Housing and Settlement Studies


Center for Housing and Human Settlement (CHHS), Gadjah Mada University, is an independent institution that responsible to deliver scientific studies in order to create developmental plan on settlement, housing, and environment in Indonesia according to conscionable and sustainable principle. CHHS was found to support Three Pillars of University: education, research and society service, on housing, settlement, and its environment.

The Vision

To be the centre of excellence that actively participating in overcoming nation problems of settlement, housing, and its environment on the principles of sustainable development, preserving endegenous identity, based on nation socio-cultural values, and the multi-disciplinary approach.

The Mission 

  • Establishing ‘center of excellent’ in research and study on settlement, housing, and environmental sustainable development.
  • Developing models settlemtent, housing and its environment having Indonesian identity to represent variation of regional, cultural, and socio-economic characters within the framework of area decentralization governance.
  • Formulating managemen system on settlement, housing, and environmental development in relatiobs to; policy , rules and regulations, financing, partnership, self-capacity, and institution.
  • Developing information centre for integrated and sustainable settlement, housing and environment.
  • Setting education and consultation centre capable of responding to problems and intensifying demands on settlement, housing, and its environment.